PEEK Tubing

PEEK is a flexible material that is perfect for wire harness. It can help vehicles reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency. It is also useful for mandrel coverings in motors. Because of its dielectric properties, PEEK can withstand high temperatures. Its properties also make it excellent for splicing.
PEEK tubing is inert to most solvents. However, some solvents, such as THF and DMSO, can cause the material to swell. Similarly, concentrated nitric acid or sulphuric acid can cause PEEK tubing to break down. PEEK tubing is a popular replacement for stainless steel tubing. Check out more about this post here:
Extruded PEEK tubing is used in many medical applications. Its rigidity is comparable to that of bone, and its low moisture and abrasion resistance make it an ideal material for long-term implants. It also has a high modulus of 595,000 psi, making it a good material for torsional stability.
Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is an engineering grade thermoplastic polymer. It has excellent heat tolerance and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any thermoplastic material. It is also flexible, which makes it an excellent material for tubing and catheter applications. PEEK tubing also has high torque response, which is important for medical equipment. To get more information about this post, visit:
PEEK tubing is often heat-formed or shaped post-extrusion, enabling it to be customized to meet the requirements of many applications. This material is available with flanging, tapering, and tipping. Further, if you want a custom-made PEEK tubing product, Spectrum has the right equipment to do the job.
PEEK tubing has a low chemical reactivity. Because of this, it can replace heavier metal parts. It is also highly resistant to high temperatures, and it is more pliable than metal tubing. PEEK tubing is also easy to install and uninstall. It is also easy to cut, which is an important feature when working in laboratories. Metal tubing is often too stiff and cannot fit into tight lab spaces, so a flexible and more user-friendly material is desirable.
PEEK tubing is an excellent choice for liquid analytical systems. Its chemical inert composition means that it will not react with aggressive mobile phases or leach metal ions into the eluent. It can also withstand a high temperature and is not affected by halide salts, which can damage stainless steel tubing. It is also extremely resistant to leaks and contaminants. For more information about this, visit:
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